Doors, Frames and Hardware

We furnish as well as install Doors, Frames and Hardware for commercial projects throughout the New England region.  We are able to accommodate projects of any size and can streamline this schedule sensitive group of products into a project.

In recent years many if not all of our clients have stated that in their experience, DF&H supply to a project has been very difficult to coordinate.  Since our carpenters install HM frames on all our projects and our work can be delayed if these are not delivered on time and correctly, including the furnishing of these products in our contract removes a major obstacle to schedule.  By streamlining the submittal process and assuring that delivery occurs in time for other trades work we greatly improve the overall process of procuring these materials for installation without delay to the project.  Since all aspects of this product group are our responsibility, our client has a single point of contact to channel information through.